Are Hashtags OK For Facebook?

Are Hashtags OK For Facebook

We all know Instagram uses hashtags galore. Relevant hashtags can help followers find you and your products. But, should they be part of your Facebook strategy? Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering hashtags on Facebook:


Keep in mind that too many hashtags can lower your engagement! Social Bakers conducted a study that parallels hashtags and Facebook engagement. Social Baker’s findings conclude that too many hashtags does, in fact, lower your engagement. Facebook posts with one or two hashtags averaged 593 interactions. Increasing to three-five hashtags on Facebook posts averaged 416 interactions. Whereas, posts with six to ten hashtags averaged 307 interactions. And, Facebook posts with more than ten hashtags averaged only 188 interactions! Using one to two hashtags in lieu of three to five hashtags caused a decrease in user engagement. Therefore, sticking with one or two hashtags will keep users viewing your content instead of scrolling on by.


Keep your hashtags relevant to your business and industry. Remember, users will type a specific keyword to search for a product, brand or topic. If you want to be found, keep your hashtag relevant to your specific post. Posting about a pizza special you are running? Then, don’t hashtag the day of the week; rather, tag #pizzaspecials or #pizzadeal. Posting a blog to promote your boutique’s upcoming fall merchandise line? Don’t hashtag #newblogpost, but rather #trendyjeans or #chicboots to attract your customers to exactly what you are promoting. Followers do utilize the search bar in Facebook and if you are using the relevant hashtag, your post will pop up in their results.


If you want to determine if the hashtag you are choosing to use will provide results, search it yourself first! Type the keyword into the search bar and see what results pop up. Then, determine if your keyword is popular and relevant or keep brainstorming for something that pops.


Facebook hashtags are important to use because fans and potential customers are using search bars to find what they are looking for. If you want to be found, one-two simple, relevant hashtags may help you pop up in the results. Anything more and you will detract engagement.

Do you use hashtags on your Facebook business page? Does it work for you?

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~Linda, SGSM

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